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Water Line Repairs - Strathcona.

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Water Line Repairs:

A) Rust is a main water line problem.  If you were to cut open your water line, it would like like this an do not forget you are drinking water from that line.

b) Rust and other minerals can build up inside your water line, affecting your water volume. If you have good pressure but bad volume, you will notice it when you are in the shower and somebody flushes a toilet. The pressure is great but you canít run more than a couple faucets at once. If you were to replace your old rusted line with a new water line, your volume would increase.

3) The older your homes water line is, there is a good chance for a water leak. It is much cheaper to replace a waterline than it is to repair a waterline multiple times. Usually when a water line leaks in one place, it is just a matter of time before it starts leaking in another spot.

4) Another main reason to replace your waterline is that mineral and rust build-up in your line actually corrodes your faucets and other metallic fixtures.

5) We have the technology to replace your water line by pulling a new waterline into your house using the same hole as your old waterline. We do not have to dig a trench and we will not damage your lawns, gardens, or even driveway by using our own patented "Pipe Genie" pipe bursting equipment.

Water Line Repair and Solutions.

Water Line Repairs
Break In Water Line
Leak In Water Line
Repair Sewer Lines
Trenchless Water Line Repairs
Replace Water Lines
Damaged Water Lines

Our Pipe Genie System is the finest system available to replace your sewer or water lines without digging a trench or disrupting your landscaping, sidewalks or driveway!

We use our own "Pipe Genie" Trenchless pipe replacement machines to replace your water line without having to dig a trench. This means no damages to your lawns, gardens, driveways etc. We dig just 2 holes. The first hole is where we place our machine which will pull the sewer line through. and we then pull the new water line that is placed at the second hole. 

Water Lines can become damaged by:

  • Broken, cracked, clogged - damaged pipes due to shifting soil, frozen ground and sinkage.
  • Blockage - foreign object is restricting or prohibiting proper flow of the water line.
  • Corrosion - the water line has deteriorated causing collapses in the line and restricting or leaking lines.

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We have all your water line repair needs covered in Strathcona , British Columbia, BC, Canada |
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