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  Residential and Commercial Plumbers in Strathcona, BC.

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Do you have a plumbing problem and live in Strathcona?  Pipe Genie Strathcona is your plumbing company who specializes in Trenchless Sewer and Water Line Repairs and Replacement. Our skilled and licensed plumbers are the best in the plumbing business in Strathcona. Our plumbing services and prices are the best on the market!"

Plumbing problems can be caused by a leak or break in your main water line, cracked damaged or tree roots in your sewer lines, failure of your drain tiles and blocked connections between your home and the water line system. These can cause major problems with water getting into your basement or crawl space, low water pressure, backups and over flowing of your sewer line. With offer our plumbing expertise, and services to all Strathcona Lower Mainland area residential and commercial customers.

If you require help with any of your plumbing installations, leaking faucets, clogged drains, taps or wet, damp and flooded basements, we can assist you with all your plumbing problems.

We can repair all of your plumbing problems - Phone 604-793-2000

No dig Trenchless water & sewer Lines We keep your basement dry!
You can't go wrong with Pipe Genie Strathcona as long as rain continues to fall in the lower mainland! Our systems do not allow any water getting past the dimpled membrane to fall freely to the drain tile through the air gap section, keeping water away from your foundation and preventing hydrostatic water pressure against your walls. We are Trenchless - no digging - water and sewer pipe line replacement specialists. Our Plumbers are specially trained in our own patented Pipe Genie, Pipe Bursting Equipment.

Our plumbers are experts when it comes to repairing or replacing your plumbing fixtures. We can fix plugged toilets, drains, replace shower head and pipes, stop leaking or dripping taps and faucets.

Our Pipe Genie Strathconas are specialists in the repair and replacement of your homes drain tiles. We will replace your drain tiles preventing any more leaks or floods in your home.. With over 25 years of experience you will be assured that your water line will be replaced by our licensed plumbers backed by our guarantee.

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Office: 7974 18th Ave - Phone: 604-294-5342

We have all your trenchless sewer and water line repair needs covered in Strathcona, British Columbia, BC, Canada - Google+

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